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cure for restless legs syndrome Remember the TV commercials for the Abisizer, that electronic ab stimulation belt that you could just strap on while you watched TV and eventually you would have sixpack abs?

They sold millions of those things (before they mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth). To who? To people like me that dreamed of getting sixpack abs while sitting on the couch eating potato chips.

The advertisement tapped into our intense desire to cheat Nature, to get something for nothing, and they had great success doing it.
Mirapex, Requip and all the other dopamine agonists are the RLS abisizers I'm referring to. They tap into your wishful thinking, and in some cases, give you a bit of relief without the crazy side-effects. But they're not a solution to anything. They're putting your current situation on "pause." They're numbing some of the sensations, but they're not dealing with the inflammation that is causing your RLS.

Getting rid of your RLS is going to take a lot of work, and some dramatic changes in your diet. There is no other way.

At some point you need to get off the couch, put the Abisizer in the closet, and start a real-life workout.

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