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The Daily Progress Chart is a POWERFUL tool that will be extremely beneficial in calming your mind. This simple charting of your DAILY RLS activity will help to CALM down any NEGATIVITY that comes your way in a PROFOUND manner!

Your NEGATIVITY depends on your SELECTIVE memory to give it power. With a SELECTIVE memory, time is distorted in such a way that ANY look back through your life presents only NEGATIVE images and experiences. And it seems like they're ALL PRESSED together, with no time in between them. There are NO POSITIVE experiences in sight to help balance things out.

For instance, after experiencing several weeks of improvement, and some TWITCHING occurs, it's almost CERTAIN that you'll be bombarded with HIGHLY convincing thoughts telling you that this remedy is NOT working.

As the NEGATIVITY pours in, you have no choice but to AGREE, because during these moments of INTENSITY the past is literally BLOCKED out ... or at least distorted beyond use. You can't collect any evidence to build a DEFENSE against the negativity ... because you CAN'T see CLEARLY! All you CAN see are ALL of the OTHER TIMES that you're legs started twitching. They're all PRESSED together, and you have no choice but to RELIVE that emotion and despair.

This negativity can be QUICKLY put to rest if you take a look at your DAILY PROGRESS CHART. You (and your Inner Critic) will see that there are a lot FEWER checkmarks NOW than there were when you FIRST started the Program.

It will be IMMEDIATELY apparent that the Program is working, and that healing is occurring. The resistance will have no choice but to disperse. Its attempted uprising has been defeated by an unarguable reality.

picture of a daily progress header
1. Click on this link to the file DAILY_PROGRESS_CHART.pdf and print it out.

2. Check the boxes in the FIRST row. These are the times that twitching occurs (on average) during a TYPICAL day for you (this will be your benchmark).

3. At the end of every day, CHECK off the boxes that apply for that day.

The time periods in your DAILY PROGRESS CHART are broken down into:

Morning Wake Up (was there any activity when you first woke up?)
Morning (one checkmark for each incident)
Afternoon (one checkmark for each incident)
Evening (one checkmark for each incident)
Bedtime (was there any activity when you lay in bed and tried to fall sleep?)
Middle of the Night / Early Morning (one checkmark for each incident)

I taped mine to the wall so that I could see it when I was at my desk. It has had a PROFOUND effect on my recovery process.

This is a tool that is powerful BEYOND words ... so please make sure to use it!

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The following is an excerpt from a book called "It's up to You" by Dzigar Kongtrul.

"If you want to stop being the slave of a ghost, you must demand that ego-mind show its face. No true ghost will show up when it hears this! You can practice this simple meditation throughout the day. Whenever you don't know what to do with yourself, challenge your ego-mind to show its face. When you're cooking your dinner or waiting for the bus, challenge your ego-mind to show its face. Do it especially when ego-mind overwhelms you, when you feel threatened, fearful, or enslaved by it. Just say to your ego-mind "Show me your face!" When no mind shows up saying "Here I am", ego mind will begin to lose its hold on you and your struggles will lighten up. See if this isn't true."67

It's a simple and brilliant example of how we have it in our power to LESSEN the control of our Inner Critic by asking it to reveal itself.

When your Inner Critic starts COMING at you strong, like mine did when I had some twitching in my knee ... ask it to REVEAL itself. INSIST that it shows its face to you. Ask it calmly and with respect ... but sternly.

It seems TOO simple to work ... but it does. At the very least it helps to slow down the momentum that your Inner Critic is building towards its NEXT endorphin and dopamine high.

The hard part is REMEMBERING to do it when things get intense.

Again, practice is the key.

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