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Just pause for a moment, close your eyes and think about taking a different route to work or school tomorrow. Watch closely what happens with your thoughts.

Was there a flutter of reasons as to why you shouldn't take a different route?

Even introducing the SMALLEST possibility of change AUTOMATICALLY brings up resistant thoughts.

The many reasons that arise as to why you SHOULD take your normal route may or may not be logically sound, but the bottom line is you'll end up taking the SAME ROUTE tomorrow. That survival mechanism that FIGHTS change has done its job.

There are all sorts of different theories as to why we RESIST change so much. Scientists may tell you that it's because of pathways that are created in the brain. A psychiatrist may say that it's because the risk involved with change is greater than the risk of staying the same. A psychologist may say that it's because of the way we were brought up. All we know for sure is that, for whatever reason, we ALL resist change.

Becoming free of your Restless Legs Syndrome is NOT an exception to this rule. And the LONGER you have had RLS, the more POWERFUL that resistance to breaking free of it will be.

If you don't believe me, watch what happens when your legs start to feel better.

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I smoked for 14 years before I made the decision to stop. That's not really a long time in the world of smoking, but still, it wasn't easy. As any of you that have quit or tried to quit knows, it is EXTREMELY difficult.

The resistant forces that smokers face whenever they try to quit are legion. It's a phenomenally powerful resistance that takes a FOCUSED and DETERMINED WILL to move beyond.

When the going gets really tough, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to get through. That's why all self-help groups emphasize that you must take it "One Day at a Time." If you try to tackle any MORE than that, you're doomed to failure.

I'm not saying that you're addicted to your twitchy legs - only that the twitchiness and all its DRAMA is part of a LARGER pattern that must be dealt with.

We all know smoking is bad for you. Even the most die-hard smoker can't deny that fact anymore. And still, millions smoke. Many will never even ATTEMPT to quit. Why is that?

Two words - dopamine and endorphins.

The nicotine in cigarettes triggers a neurotransmitter called Dopamine. Dopamine is commonly associated with the pleasure system of the brain, providing feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate a person pro-actively to perform certain activities. Dopamine is released by naturally rewarding experiences such as food, sex, drugs and neutral stimuli that become associated with them. Recent studies indicate that aggression may also stimulate the release of dopamine in this way.60 Scientists have long suspected that dopamine was also linked to dread.61

Endorphins are endogenous opioid polypeptide compounds. They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus during strenuous exercise, excitement, pain and orgasm and they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a sense of well-being.62 Fear also causes endorphin release.63 Endorphins work as "natural pain relievers", whose effects may be enhanced by other medications. The term endorphin rush has been adopted in popular speech to refer to feelings of exhilaration brought on by pain, danger or other forms of stress.62 For some people, emotions, particularly anger, can become like a habit; addictive in their pattern. They get a release of endorphins every time they get angry.

You may be wondering what ALL this has to do with your twitchy legs? Don't you just take some herbs ... and then it goes away?

Unfortunately, it's NOT quite that easy. The REAL problem you face, is how you're going to APPEASE the pleasure center of your BRAIN that is used to getting STIMULATED every night from your twitchy leg DRAMA.

It's COUNTING on that STEADY rush it gets from the anticipation, anxiety, hopelessness, gloom, sadness, anger and rage that it has come to expect.

That's the issue at hand. That's what you're up against.

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