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Approaching a cure for your Restless Legs Syndrome is not unlike the strategy you would put in place to REPAIR the ROOF of your house.

For example, your roof may need repairs because every time there's a STRONG wind, a HALF dozen old shingles fly off.

The way to FIX your roof problem is not by attempting to STOP the wind from blowing. That would be foolish. Obviously, the way you would solve this problem is by putting NEW shingles on the roof, and if needed, replacing some of the old boards.

By doing this you are making the roof STRONG again so that the blowing winds WILL NO LONGER be a CONCERN.

You face a similar situation with the energy flow that is causing the discomfort in your legs. That energy is going to CONTINUE to flow through your body for the rest of your life. It's what makes us ALIVE. So stopping that flow is NOT an option.

What you CAN do in order to FIX your twitchy leg problem is to REPAIR the damage that HAS been done - to repair the inflamed areas of your legs and feet so that this flow of energy is NO LONGER NOTICEABLE.

The tools we are using to repair the damage are an ANTI-INFLAMATORY DIET, along with some NATURAL HERBS and a few ESSENTIAL MINERALS and VITAMINS that will help to REMOVE the inflammation and HEAL the raw nerves and tissue.

EVERYTHING you will use can be picked up at your local Health Food Store. There are no esoteric herbs that you have to climb to the top of a mountain to find.*

This website goes into great detail about WHY each of these vitamins, herbs and minerals have been selected and HOW they will help you. This knowledge will help to ACCELERATE your healing.

I'll also detail a few methods that will enhance your healing such as Meditation, Red Light Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping.

Lastly, I'll go into great detail about the wonders of Celery Juice and how this amazing herb (yep, celery is actually a herb) is taking the world by storm.

You'll notice the changes quickly ... VERY quickly!

*If you live outside of North America, and have any trouble locating any of the herbs or supplements in the Daily Intake, you can order online at www.iherb.com/info/shipping/International Their prices are reasonable and they ship all over the world.

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