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I thought it would be a good idea to start a DIARY, both for my benefit and that of anyone that works this Program.

My hope is that this diary makes the process more tangible for you - a little more down to earth.

You'll get to see how many aspects of this remedy came into being. You'll also see that it was developed through a lot of mistakes on my part. Fortunately for you, you can benefit from my mistakes and bypass them.

But most importantly, this diary is another tool to help ALIGN your mind with the healing process.

1988 - 2001
During this period I suspected that the irritation I was experiencing was caused from energy streaming through my legs, but I had no idea how to PREVENT the irritation. I believed that was the way it had to be.

I tried several ways to cure the twitchy legs through the years, including sea salt, massages, teas, aroma therapy, reading, stretches, working out, jogging and bicycling. Nothing worked.

I met my wife Barb. We were married a couple of years later.

Since the beginning of our relationship, the usual nightly pattern would be:

1. Barb goes to bed at 9 pm (she works early).

2. I would go back to work on the Indie Bible in my home office until about 1:30 am. I would read a bit and then meditate for awhile.

3. I would then lie on the couch and watch an old movie until I felt groggy enough to hopefully fall asleep before the twitching started.

4. Usually, the twitching would start up on the couch before I felt groggy, so more often than not I would end up back at work at my desk.

5. I would go to bed about 3 am. Five nights out of the week I would stay in bed for 5 minutes before I would have to leave because of the restless legs.

6. I would end up sleeping downstairs in the guest room.

7. The other two nights I may fall asleep, but usually would wake up an hour or so later and would have to walk off my legs. I'd often just go to the guest room to sleep for the rest of the night.

8. Wake up in the morning feeling tired and burned out.

9. Complain to Barb about my terrible sleep.

Barb finds out that my twitchy legs actually have a medical name ... Restless Legs Syndrome. I do some research on the Internet and sure enough, there are websites and discussion groups all OVER the place.

I realized that pharmaceuticals were not an option. The only pills I read about that displayed any sort of relief had very questionable side effects.

I visited a local Chiropractor that a few of my friends recommended. The improvement was quite dramatic. My legs were still twitching, but the intensity was NOT as bad as it was before. I receive treatments for another year WITHOUT any additional improvement, and give up.

On the recommendation of a friend who had his chronic back pain cured, I went to my first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Jin Jun Huang. This was a HISTORIC moment as far as the history of this remedy goes.

When I lay down on his table, he touched my left calf (which was an area that had been particulary irritating recently) and told me I had lots of inflammation.

When I thought about it, it made sense. I knew that the energy in my legs was causing the discomfort, but I never associated the irritation with inflamation that was caused by the energy flow. I just assumed that the irritation was created by the energy itself.

After a few sessions with Dr. Huang, the improvement was DRAMATIC! He used four electro-acupuncture needles (two on each leg) and would run a low current between them for about 50 minutes. That was followed by a DEEP TISSUE massage.

The massage was unbelievably excruciating, but I stuck it out because this was my only hope to be free of my buzzing legs.

After the first series of appointments, I thought I might be cured. I felt pretty good. There was occasional twitching, but nothing like before. Then, about a month after the series of appointments, I realized that the RLS was getting stronger, and that the acupuncture was only ever going to give me TEMPORARY relief.

Even though I was VERY disappointed, still, at least it was SOME kind of relief. I kept seeing him about every six weeks for a further series of treatments.

November 2008
I talked with Dr. Huang's wife Annie. She works at the front of the shop where they also sell herbs and teas. I asked her if there was a tea that could help lessen my inflammation? I was beginning to dread all of the painful massages, and thought that if inflammation was the problem, maybe I could drink some sort of tea to help it go away. When I asked her, she laughed and said "There's no such thing." To this day I'm still not sure why she thought that was such a funny question?

At this point, as far as I knew, there were no cures for inflammation other than anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals.

January 2008
I stopped going to see Dr. Huang. After the last series of treatments, the improvement was almost negligible, while the pain of the massages was more intense than ever (which I never thought was possible).

I felt like I was at the end of my rope. I had a few suggestions from friends as far as NEW treatments to try out, but I knew in my heart that they were not going to help. How could anyone possibly HEAL me if they didn't even know what the problem was. Any therapy I tried was going bring some temporary relief at best.

February 2008
At the local health food store where I buy my vitamins, I asked if there was any sort of herb that heals inflammation. The clerk recommended that I try curcumin. I bought a bottle and took it home to give it a try.

March 2008
I noticed within a few days that there were noticeable improvements. Again, I felt hope. I went for about two weeks taking the curcumin, and experienced very little twitching during that time. However, at the end of two weeks, I noticed the irritation coming back with a VENGEANCE.

This was the moment that I realized that there was part of me that DIDN'T want to get better and was fighting the healing process with EVERYTHING it had. As crazy as that seemed, I knew it was true, because I could see myself doing it. I could feel how POWERFUL the resistance was, and I knew I had to do something extraordinary to get PAST it if I was ever to get better.

That's when I started doing MAJOR research on other herbs that could help heal my inflamation. I knew that I had to throw EVERYTHING I could into the mix in order to move PAST that powerful resistance.

I found all sorts of amazing information about herbs that could help heal my inflammation ... which made it even more puzzling as to why Annie laughed at me?

Whenever I found a new herb or mineral that seemed that it would really be helpful, I would purchase a bottle and then add it into the daily routine. It took about a ten days to put the "dream team" of herbs and minerals together.

The Cure: Day 1
I could sense the resistance kicking up a notch. I then decided to compile all the information I could on all the herbs and minerals I was taking. The plan was to read the material every night. This would help to counteract the CONTINUOUS NEGATIVITY the mind was throwing at me. I also wrote out statements to say out loud every night in order to TRAIN the mind and help it to ALIGN with the healing process rather than RESISTING it all the time.

The Cure: Day 2
After two days of taking the full regiment of herbs and minerals (plus the readings) the improvement in my RLS was DRAMATIC. I was now only getting a couple hours sleep every night, but not because of my twitchy legs, but because I was SO excited! I knew that what was happening was not a temporary fix, or something that was masking the real cause of the irritation. I realized that the herbs were ADDRESSING the TRUE cause of RLS. I knew in my heart that this healing would NOT become ineffective, as all the others had. In fact, instead of losing its effectiveness, healing would move in the OTHER direction, and continue to get better.

The Cure: Day 4
I was in even more awe of what was going on. I tested different physical positions that I know were TRIGGERS for immediate twitchiness. For instance, I could barely ever lie on my LEFT side. It would set the irritation off almost immediately. Same with sitting certain ways in a chair. If I sat with my FEET UP, my legs would go off right away. I also couldn't put my hands on my lap when I was sitting down without causing irritation. I tried sitting and lying in all of these trigger positions. I also sat in a chair and read for awhile, which was another trigger.

I could still feel twitching during this test run, but it was a LOT less. And I felt something that had NEVER been there before ... it was like a transcendent hope.

Around 3am, I woke up to very intense knee irritation. I got up and walked it off for a bit. I felt TOTALLY dejected. I felt like I was sliding back into the same old pit. I then remembered how much better it was OVERALL than before, and that it was important NOT to focus on the ONE negative incident.

The Cure: Day 7
For the first night, since I can remember, I slept RIGHT THOUGH the night. No pre-sleep twitching or late night walk-arounds.

The Cure: Day 8
There was absolutely no twitching on this day. I went through a test run, and there was still no twitching. I realized at this point, that I really was on my way to being CURED. The 20 year drama would soon be over!

The Cure: Day 11
I ran a TEST by putting my feet up on the coffee table while watching TV with Barb. After five minutes there was some fairly intense buzzing. I felt a bit dejected. I tried to remember that this is the MOST INTENSE trigger there is for my twitchy legs. The fact that it didn't happen in the first few seconds of putting my legs on the table was a positive sign. It was also a good sign that, while there was SOME irritation, it was MUCH less than it had been in the past whenever I had attempted to put my feet up.

The Cure: Day 12
I ran another test. I placed my hands on my lap for over 50 minutes while I meditated. There was not even a single tinge. This is UNHEARD of. Usually, when I place my hands on my lap, within a few minutes, the irritation starts up.

The Cure: Day 13
Had my fourth great restless-free sleep in a row. I was thinking that "this must be how a normal person feels?" when I got up this morning.

When I was reading that night, my left leg started acting up. It was fairly intense. As is always the case, it's disheartening when there is a flair-up. All the OLD memories flooded back. The negativity came pouring down on me as well.

I watched a bit of TV before going to bed. I lay on my left side (the hot side) without incident.

The Cure: Day 14
Had another great sleep without any twitching at all.

The resistance was as powerful as it had ever been. My mind kept telling me that it has ALL been trickery - it has been all mind over matter and the irritation was now coming back in full force again because it never left. Crazy thoughts. At this point I was around 80% better than before and yet my mind was telling me that nothing has happened? It was using flat out DENIAL in an attempt to get me back to the way I was.

In regard to the knee twitching during the previous night, I tried to focus on the fact that I was only in the SECOND week of healing. There was still inflammation that needed to be repaired. The healing needed time to repair 20 years worth of inflammation, raw nerves and tissue. There was no doubt that my knees were going to be the last stronghold of the RLS ... and they were already FAR better than when I started. The previous night's incident was just a reminder of how far I had come.

The Cure: Day 15
Another excellent sleep. Six in a row! At this point, the resistance had backed off a bit as well.

The Cure: Day 16
Another great sleep! There was a little bit of buzzing in the knees the previous night while I was watching TV (on my left side) before bed ... but not enough of an irritation to make me have to actually get up. When I went to bed I dropped right off without any further incidents.

For the last several days I had been researching other herbs that could help along with St. John's Wort to heal the raw nerves that I was certain were at the core of the problem in my knees.

I talked to a couple of the staff at the health food store and after a lot of deliberation we decided that the best option available to help heal the lingering raw nerves is a homeopathic salt called Kali phos #6, otherwise known as potassium phosphate. While researching and digging up all the info I could about Kali phos, I got truly excited as the reports of its benefits in regard to nerve repair were ABSOLUTELY GLOWING.

I did my usual routine of watching an old movie until I got sleepy. My right knee started acting up after awhile. I went for a bit of an emotional dump, but it didn't last long, and it wasn't intense enough that I had to get up.

The Cure: Day 17
Another good sleep!

I was taking a nap earlier in the day and did have some buzzing going in my right knee - the same area as the previous night. As was the case the previous night, it wasn't intense enough to make me have to get up. I was confident that the Kali-phos was going to help with the remaining irritation.

I could feel the negativity all day. It was like a heavy blanket. I asked my mind lots of questions. It's an old trick that I'd forgotten about, and it really works. When the mind came at me with a statement like "It's NOT going to last!" ... I would simply ask it "How do YOU KNOW it's not going to last?"

It's an amazing tool, and certainly did quiet the mind down.

The Cure: Day 18
Slept right through again. In fact, since the incident with my knee the previous afternoon, there hadn't been a single twitch.

I watched TV that night with Barb. After she went to bed, I did my herb readings, meditated for awhile and then lay down on the couch to watch a movie until I got tired enough to sleep. When I started nodding off ... I went to bed. There was not a single twitch the whole time. I ran some tests by putting my hands on my lap when I meditated, and as always, lay on my left side when I watched the movie.

There's always been this cloud over my head. Despite working the exercises and talking to my mind, there was this out-of-reach cloud of NEGATIVITY that I was having trouble dealing with. And every time I lay down, or sat in a chair to read - these thoughts would IMMEDIATELY start about how the twitching was going to BEGIN any second.

Then the obvious hit me in the face like a pie. Of course I was having these thoughts! I had been having them for 20 years, with good reason. And I would continue to have them until new thoughts about NON restlessness were STRONG enough to take over.

It's not unlike being released from prison after 20 years. There's a whole new freedom and a whole new lifestyle that MUST be LEARNED.

Even though the BODY is out of prison, it takes awhile for the MIND to catch up to the reality of the situation. New patterns have to be created to REPLACE the old ones.

This was a very exciting discovery! Now, I wouldn't need to take those thoughts so PERSONALLY, reacting as though my mind was intentionally tormenting me. I would learn how to accept them as necessary for the next while ... and would try and remember that there is NO SUBSTANCE to them. They're like clouds floating around - unattached to anything going on in my life. And just like clouds, they'll eventually disperse.

The Cure: Day 19
Another good sleep. I actually was able to go to bed earlier than normal. This remedy is also helping with my horrendous sleep pattern. Usually, I'd have to wait until 3 am before there was ANY chance of my falling asleep. I'm now getting tired even before midnight.

Last night there was sensation a few times in my legs, but not irritation.

The Cure: Day 20
Had a bad sleep last night. The first one in about a week and a half. It wasn't about twitching as much as it was just not being tired.

I did my usual late night ritual of lying on the couch and watching a movie until I felt drowsy enough to sleep.

As you know by reading this Cure Diary, I've been lying on my left side, which is the trigger side for twitching. My right knee got quite intense last night.

It didn't strike me until this morning, how RIDICULOUS it is for me to CONTINUALLY set off these TRIGGERS every day. I've been showing no respect for Nature and the healing process by continually PRODDING these HOT SPOTS. I have to back off a bit and give it time to heal before I test it out again.

It's embarrassing to have completely missed something so simple and logical. If it was ANY other injury, such as a broken toe, a normal person would test it out after a week or two went by to see how it's doing. What they WOULDN'T do is bump it against the wall EVERY day to see how it FEELS. That's basically what I've been doing with the irritation in my knees.

It was time to back off, let Nature and Time work their magic. I planned on testing the trigger positions again in a couple of weeks.

That would include ALL of the other triggers positions as well, such as putting my feet up, sitting in a chair for too long, or holding Barb's hand while we're watching TV.

I've realized that I had to respect the healing process, not to challenge it. What I had been doing was CHALLENGING it. Simply showing no patience whatsoever.

As simple as it was, this was an AMAZING discovery, and gave me great hope that the last 20% or so of the RLS would soon be healed.

The Cure: Day 21
Back to the good sleeps again!

I couldn't stop thinking of how stupid it was to keep testing my TRIGGER positions EVERY day for the previous couple of weeks.

The previous day I had made a point of avoiding EVERY trigger position I had, large or small. I didn't put my hands on my lap when I meditated the previous night, I watched TV on my RIGHT side, and only in short segments and would then get up to walk around a bit. I also slept on my RIGHT side, just to give myself the best chance possible for total healing.

Part of me regretted having done this continual testing, but another part of me was VERY excited, knowing that the last stubborn bit of irritation would be much better in another week.

The Cure: Day 22
Another sound sleep. I had to get up early, so I actually went to bed BEFORE I felt tired. I never do that because, of course, whenever I try to go to bed without being dead tired, I have no CHANCE of falling asleep before the twitching starts.

Yet, the previous night, I was able to fall asleep ... without any twitching. This NEVER happens! The fact that I could go to bed before I was dead tired was a major breakthrough!

I avoided all of my trigger positions, and went through the WHOLE day without a SINGLE twitch. Even the mind seemed to have let up a bit. The readings were really helping with that.

The Cure: Day 23
Not the greatest sleep of all time, but it wasn't because of any twitching - I just wasn't tired until very early in the morning. So, it was another success.

Went to my meditation class that evening. I hadn't been there in awhile. Because we have to sit for a long time to listen to a talk before we meditate, it's often a trigger. I was amazed at not only how there was NO twitching at all, but also how RELAXED the mind was. It felt like, for the first time, that the mind was totally in tune with the fact that RLS was no longer going to be an ISSUE in my life.

The Cure: Day 24
Had a nice long sleep. I can't remember the last time that my legs twitched as I lay in bed trying to sleep? It had been several weeks! There was also very little anticipation. The old strategy of racing to get to sleep before the twitching started was a lot less frantic than it used to be. It was amazing to be able to just drop off to sleep like a normal person.

I was still doing my very best to avoid the TRIGGERS. I was STILL grumbling over the fact that I would have been SO much further ahead if I hadn't kept testing them out every day for those 2 weeks.

The Cure: Day 25
Another great sleep!

I sat and read a bit the previous night and then meditated for awhile without incident. There was nothing even remotely twitchy happening. Later, when I watched TV, there were sensations, but not twitching.

I realized that there were times when there were sensations in the legs, but it wasn't like the unbearable twitching from before. They were sensations that I would notice, but were not strong enough to force me to get up.

This told me that the inflammation had decreased substantially. The bristling was just another sign that the healing was taking place, and that there was much less inflammation than there used to be. A few weeks prior to this, the bristling would have been twitching.

The problem is, of course, as soon as the mind senses one of these bristlings, it would go into FULL PANIC mode about how everything had avalanched back to the way things used to be.

The weekly exercises were REALLY helpful to get the mind calmed back down.

The Cure: Day 26
Not the greatest sleep of all time, but there was no twitching, so the streak continued. That made 17 nights in a row where there had been no twitching before I fell asleep or during the night.

The Cure: Day 27
Another difficult sleep. There had been intensity that last few nights. It happens sometimes. Being a lifelong insomniac, there are cycles where I have trouble getting tired. I got spoiled because it hadn't happened in weeks.

For the first time in 3 weeks there was also a bit of twitching when I was trying to sleep. Not enough to force me to get up, but it was there. It was rather devastating. Of course, it didn't have to be. My mind saw an opportunity to OVERREACT and it did.

My tail bone area is one of my TROUBLE AREAS. I had pressure on it TOO long. I had read, meditated and then sat up and watched TV on the couch, instead of lying down. I should have mixed it up a bit.

The morning after the middle of the night twitching incident, I felt much less devastated. It was just another small incident. It didn't mean that everything was going to come crashing down. It just meant there was a bit more healing to go.

The Cure: Day 28
I was back to the excellent twitch-free sleeps again!

I was witness to the CURIOUS power of the NEGATIVE MIND again the previous day. After the twitching incident, my mind started STOMPING on me like a gang of storm troopers. All it needed was a little crack to open to bring the hammer down and blot out the last few weeks of SUCCESS.

The full scale attack seemed warranted ... until I was able to slow everything down and examine the LOGIC behind its assault.

What my Inner Manager was selling during this attack was that since there was SOME twitching, the remedy DOESN'T work ... and no healing ever ACTUALLY occurred.

These highly charged emotions were able to block out the several weeks of POSITIVE experiences that I'd had. It also blocked out any semblance of reality!

It wasn't until I was able to CALM down that I saw the illogic of the situation. I remembered the sunburn analogy (from the section about Energy and Inflammation) to get things back in perspective.

If I had a really wicked sunburn, and a week later, there was still a LITTLE bit of irritation when I put my shirt on ... it wouldn't mean that the original WICKED SUNBURN was going to return in its ENTIRETY. It would just mean that it was not quite FULLY healed yet. It needed a little more time.

The DISTORTED LOGIC brought to light by the sunburn analogy became obvious. My mind was able to clearly understand how it applied to my inflammation as well. This recognition helped to settle things down a great deal.

So, the previous day's twitching turned out to be a POSITIVE thing. I learned a lot about myself and the way my mind worked. I also gained a lot more insight into how far I had come. I didn't feel as delicate and fragile anymore, as though I could be SWEPT back where I started from at ANY moment. In fact, I FINALLY came to know, without ANY doubt, that it's NOT possible.

Next time it happens, I'll try to remember the sunburn analogy in order to calm the emotions, and prevent them from building up a full head of steam again. All that ever comes from that is pain.

The Cure: Day 29
Another great twitch-free sleep!

There was some twitching the previous night when I was lying down watching TV before bed. The good news is, I didn't freak out. Thanks to the sunburn analogy, I was able to avoid building up a HEAD of STEAM and going into FULL PANIC MODE. It will heal when it heals. My trying to push it along is of no use.

I know nothing about raw nerves other than what I've read in my research. It's safe to assume that the process of healing the raw nerves is far more complex than the healing of simple inflammation. The nerve specialists - Kali phos, Zinc, St. John's Wort and Magnesium are on the job ... so the key for me is to be patient.

The Cure: Day 30
Had twitching last night when I tried to sleep. This was the worst day of the last 30. I was devastated!

The next day, after a long while, when the emotions died down a bit, I was able to see and think more clearly. I realized that I had been intense the previous night and that this increase in intensity meant that there was also an increase in the energy flow. This increased flow stimulated areas of inflammation in my legs that normally would not cause irritation that would be noticeable.

This day was an amazing eye-opener. It helped me to come to terms with the situation as it truly was, and let the air out of the negative MOUNTAIN of emotion that was content to keep overreacting to the single twitching incident ... as if NOTHING positive had happened the past several weeks. It had this amazing ability to BLOT out everything positive.

The Cure: Day 31
Sure enough, back to a totally twitch-free day and night!

The Cure: Day 38
I had a few twitching incidents during the last week, but nothing that got me too down in the dumps. It was mostly a positive week.

All the information I had been learning about Nature, and the speed at which it heals, had helped me to calm down and take it slow.

I was also very excited about adding the Lecithin, Vitamin B12, Omega 3 and Skullcap into my daily intake as I moved into the AFTERCARE part of the Program. They are all EXCELLENT agents for the healing of nerve tissue and the nervous system.

The Cure: Day 39
Another great sleep and no twitching of any kind yesterday.

I just realized that I was almost taking my twitch-free sleeps for granted. The transformation that had taken place was quite profound.

After dinner Barb and I watched TV for awhile. At one point she snuggled up beside me and held my arm. She was aware that I was much better but I had never mentioned to her that I'd prefer that she didn't hold my arm while I was "healing." I was trying to avoid my trigger positions as much as possible. It would sound too goofy to tell her, so, whenever she had held me I just kind of enjoyed it, and was thankful that I was now able to do it.

The reason this night's was different is because I didn't sit there the whole time WONDERING IF and WHEN the twitching was going to happen? I actually got lost in whatever it was we were watching on the TV, and when I snapped out of it, there we were ... STILL holding hands! I had actually managed to break free from the usual negative anticipation. It was an AMAZING feeling and it gave me GREAT hope for the future.

The Cure: Day 41
There's been a few very short and light twitching periods the last couple of days.

I decided to create a DAILY PROGRESS CHART for people who use this Program. I decided to fill one out for myself using this diary as a reference.

There is no better tool for quieting the mind than cold hard facts. Had I charted my RLS activity right from the start, it would have shown a dramatic decrease after only a short time into this Program. This would have diffused a lot of the negativity I had to work through.

Once I filled in my chart, I was completely blown away! It was more powerful than I thought it could possibly be. One picture really is worth a thousand words.

The DAILY PROGRESS CHART has the ability to stretch out time, or actually put time back into a proper perspective. I realized as I looked at my own chart that the difference is dramatic from when I first started. I guess I knew that ... but what I didn't realize is how substantially the number of incidents of twitching had decreased compared to when I first started.

Normally when I look back at the past, being a negative person in general, I tend to focus on the negative things. The DAILY PROGRESS CHART puts spaces in between those negative incidents, and also brings in the POSITIVE ... putting my history back into more accurate proportions.

I showed Barb my chart and she was blown away as well. She suggested that I post my chart on the website for other RLS sufferers to see. You can view it HERE. It will help to highlight the benefits of this Program in its purest form.

The Cure: Day 42
Very light twitching that evening.

I was pretty excited the previous night and couldn't sleep. There was also some twitching when eventually I tried to go to sleep (around 4 am).

I put the incidents on my chart. The negative mind came in with its "IS IT EVER GOING TO GET ANY BETTER?" After a closer look at my chart I saw was MUCH better than it was when I first started. So, that was the end of that debate.

The Cure: Day 43
A totally twitch-free day and night.

The Cure: Day 44
Another totally twitch-free day and night.

The Cure: Day 45
No twitching except for my knee pulsing a bit in the middle of the night. I got up and walked around for a few seconds and went right back to sleep.

The Cure: Day 46
Another totally twitch-free day and night. I was on a bit of a roll, but I knew better than to get my hopes too high and think that I was all better now.

I was practicing to be like professional athletes, who in order to survive emotionally in their up and down world, can't afford to get too HIGH after a victory or too LOW after a defeat. I was attempting not to get too down when there was a twitching incident or too excited when there was a NON twitching day, or even a non twitching streak.

The Cure: Day 47
Twitch free except for a slight knee pulse when I took a nap that afternoon. I just turned over on my LEFT side and it immediately went away. The irony of this is that when my RLS was full blown, if I felt a bit of twitching while lying on my right side, and turned over to my LEFT side, the intensity would triple.

I also decided that when marking my DAILY PROGRESS CHART, I would use a lighter color for lighter incidents that were more of a minor irritation than restlessness. It detracts from the chart's precision to use the same mark to record a short light tingling AND a full period of heavy intense twitching.

The Cure: Day 48
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 49
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 50
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 51
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 52
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 53
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 54
No instances of twitching. The previous few days had been quite intense, so this long stretch of non-twitching was an even more positive sign.

The Cure: Day 55
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 56
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 57
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 58
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 59
No instances of twitching.

The Cure: Day 60
No instances of twitching. The miracle seems to be complete. Even my trigger positions did not create any sort of sensation at this point.

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