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To understand what is happening inside your body, imagine if you had a really wicked sunburn on your legs. If the Invisible Man walked around with you through the day, the whole time blowing on your legs, you might notice a BIT of irritation, but not enough to get upset about. You're distracted by the noises of the world around you.

However, at night when it's quiet and you're lying in bed and trying to go to sleep, and the Invisible Man is STILL blowing on your badly sunburned legs, you would find that highly irritating. The pain is not intense like someone dropping an anvil on your foot ... but it IS enough of an irritation to prevent you from sleeping, or even lying still.

As the irritation CONTINUES, night after night, you now are MOVING into the realm of emotional and mental pain.

To put an end to your restlessness, ONCE and for all, what MUST be treated is the inflammation and raw nerves and tissue that have been created by the STEADY FLOW of energy moving through your legs. That's what is making you twitch. It's that flowing energy touching up against the inflamed areas of your LEGS that is causing your discomfort.

Fortunately, it is VERY easy to get rid of.

RLS sunburn
We take it for granted that Nature will heal our sunburns. In fact, most people probably don't attribute the healing cycle of a sunburn to being one of Nature's processes ... we just know it as a sunburn that's fading. We don't even have to do anything in order for it to heal, other than staying out of the sun.

We can CHOOSE to help the healing process along by applying aloe vera to the burn ... but whether we help it along or not, eventually the sunburn will COMPLETELY heal thanks to Nature's amazing abilities.

This incredible Nature that we are a part of also has the ability to HEAL your restless legs. In the EYES of Nature, it's NOT that big a deal. Both the healing of a sunburn and the healing of your RLS are MINUSCULE on the scale of Nature's abilities. In fact, the effort required is so small, it doesn't even register!

RLS sunburn
All that Nature asks of you when you have a bad sunburn is to stay out of the sun. Nature will take care of the rest. You don't have to know anything about light, or ultraviolet radiation, or cell structure - all you're asked to do is prevent the sunburned area from experiencing any more direct sunlight for the next while. That's all you have to do. This simple gesture allows the healing process to begin.

Obviously, if you keep going to the beach every day and expose your badly burned body to the blazing sun, it's only going to get worse. You'll eventually get very sick.

Anyone that believes that they can continue going to the beach and that their sunburn will magically fade if they lie down long enough on their beach towel, would be considered a moron - especially if their strategy was to take pain killers and anti-nausea pills to deal with the harmful effects of the worsening sunburn.

Yet millions of people with RLS end up consuming horrible pharmaceuticals (mostly due to the advice of their doctor or a post they read on an RLS community website) in an attempt to deal with the side effects of their RLS (the twitching, tingling and lack of sleep) ... but do NOTHING to address the worsening inflammation that is causing the discomfort!

Yet, this approach is considered normal.

Anyone that believes that their RLS is going to get better if they continue along with the same diet, is in complete denial. Those that think that a pharmaceutical cure for Restless Legs is upcoming, are in an even deeper state of denial.

Your RLS is very healable. All that Nature asks is that you:

a. add some natural anti-inflammatories into your diet
b. add some anti-inflammatory foods into your diet
c. avoid eating highly inflammatory foods

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