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Think of the WORST boss you ever had, and multiply that by 1000. That's your Inner Critic - that overseer of ALL things that controls EVERY move you make in life.

It casts before us a POWERFUL wall. It is the LEADER of the resistance.

It is the PURE ESSENCE of control. It is that complex feature of the human mechanism whose job is to ensure that we SURVIVE in this dangerous world.

The way it does this is simple - by not allowing ANY changes to occur ... or at least making sure that ANY changes that do occur happen VERY SLOWLY.

The logic behind this is, whatever you're doing today MUST be working, because you're alive ... so why RISK changing it?

It controls us by barking out (or subtly inserting) an endless series of comments, commands and untruths in order to keep us IN PLACE. It has absolutely NO moral compass.

With any change you ATTEMPT to make, it fires back with a SAVAGE barrage that leaves you reeling with no choice but to RETREAT back to the dark regions of your comfort zone (which often isn't very comfortable).

It knows EVERY nook and cranny of our psyches. Its arsenal is our DEEPEST fears and our most ABHORRENT thoughts and fantasies.

It's the voice that tells you that your restless legs can NEVER be cured. It tells you that herbs have NO healing powers and are only for IGNORANT third world savages that don't have REAL science at their disposal. It tells you to go ahead and have another drink, or another piece of chocolate cake. It's the impending DOOM that tells you in the middle of another sleepless night that you're going to DIE of exhaustion. It is the voice that reminds you of all the times you FAILED in the past, so why even bother trying to break free?

It uses the voice of your mother, your father, your husband, your wife, your child, your teachers, the object of your affection, your abusers, the Grim Reaper, God, Jesus, Buddha, your Uncle Moe ... any guise that is required at that moment, to KEEP you in place.

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Your Inner Critic has become a drug addict. It has somehow lost its way. Its mechanics are still the same - making sure that you survive in this world ... but the METHODS it uses to accomplish this task have an overly DRAMATIC effect on your life.

Your Inner Critic is hopelessly hooked on ENDORPHINS and DOPAMINE, and, like ANY good drug addict, will do absolutely ANYTHING to trigger more of these ecstatic fireworks in the pleasure center of your brain.

Television, movies, sports, the news, video games, porn, music, sex, hunting, gambling and the intake of nicotine, alcohol, drugs, sugar, fats and caffeine all tap into this insatiable thirst our bodies and minds have for an endorphin and dopamine rush.

These outlets have certainly played a large part towards your Inner Critic's addictive state - but they are NOT enough to satisfy it. It LONGS to feel that high 24 hours a day!

It attempts to prolong this continuous high by making sure its methods to PREVENT change are SO DRAMATIC, that at the same time, it ALSO gets its FIX.

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The primary way the Inner Manger gets its fix is by attaching an EXAGGERATED level of RISK to EVERYTHING we do in life - often equating the SIMPLE changes you're attempting with INJURY or DEATH. Fear and pain create its greatest highs.

For instance, if I have to drive to Syracuse tomorrow, what POSSIBLE purpose does it serve for my mind to continually imagine all the disasters that COULD happen along the way? Everything from getting a flat tire on the highway to having a head-on collision with a bus? Or saying that a rock is going to smash through my windshield in the Adirondacks? Or telling me that any second a deer is going to run out in front of my car?

All this does is get the dopamine and endorphins firing again. It serves no helpful purpose as far as my trip is concerned. All I want to know is where the next Cracker Barrel is?

All this crazy thinking, it's simply my Inner Critic rolling up its sleeve and doing another hit.

Your Restless Legs Syndrome is just another way that the Inner Critic gets its fix. And, it's an EXCEPTIONAL fix. It's LENGTHY and it has all the necessary elements to make an enjoyably INTENSE endorphin and dopamine cocktail. Anticipation, anxiety, fear, dread, pain, anger, hopelessness, resentment, crisis, depression and that seething rage that resides beneath the surface.

By attempting to get rid of your RLS, you're in fact trying to rip the crack pipe out of the hand of your Inner Critic. No true crackhead would allow you to do that without putting up a fight.

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Drama is the most POTENT device in your Inner Critic's tool box. It's a collection of EXTREME thoughts brought forth to your conscious mind in order to generate a dopamine and endorphin rush.

These extreme thoughts can seem perfectly logical as they flow through your mind, but they're not. If you were to WRITE them down, or SPEAK them out loud, you would see how ridiculous they are.

The small snippet of LOGIC that attracts this clumping of nonsense to your conscious mind is the simple fact that "it COULD happen."

In a court of law, a witness or expert on the stand can RARELY argue with the statement "It could happen." Lawyers use it all the time to create a REASONABLE DOUBT in the minds of the jurors ... even to support the most FANTASTIC theories.

The truth is that most of the fatalistic scenarios that come into our minds COULD happen ... but are NOT LIKELY going to happen. However, there's no excitement or HIGH in focusing on the 99.9999% chance that the incident will NOT occur. We focus MOST of our attention on the rush-inducing .0001% chance that it WILL occur.

The truth is, I COULD drive to Syracuse and hit a deer on the highway. I certainly could get a flat tire. I could also have a head-on collision with a bus. And it's not impossible that a rock could fall from a roadside cliff and crash through the windshield of my car. One of these things COULD happen, but the odds are SO minute that they don't deserve ANY attention.

When you try to break free of your RLS you will confront this same pattern. As with all other things, you will tend to FOCUS on the negatively charged .0001%.

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When I started taking the herbs it QUICKLY became apparent that they were working. Yet, I was bombarded with endless thoughts about how these herbs were going to CAUSE a heart attack ... or how combining the various herbs was going to create a FATAL mix, or that the intake of these herbs was EVENTUALLY going to result in cancer, or that the RLS was going to build up an IMMUNITY to the herbs and minerals, or that the herbs were NOT REALLY doing anything - that it was all mind over matter ... the Placebo Effect.

It all sounds CONVINCING when it plays in my head, but there is NO factual support for ANY of it.

Once again, we have to remember what is ACTUALLY going on. That mechanism of the mind is trying to prevent any change from occurring. And the bonus result of these DISTORTED methods is an INCREASE in dopamine and endorphin activity.

Fear and anxiety gets the system PUMPING. As far as our Inner Critic is concerned, the more NEGATIVE the drama, the better.

There is a simple underlying formula that you can apply to ANY drama that goes on in your mind:

                                 MY DRAMA = dopamine + endorphins high

When you break down ANY mental drama into its purest intent, it will always come down to this formula. It's the main reason for the drama.

Try to remember this next time you're getting all WOUND up about something.

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