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an analogy of the intense days of restless legs syndrome
The MOST DIFFICULT day I had was Day 30. Up until this point things had been going along quite well. There was still some occasional twitching and irritation in my TROUBLE AREAS, but it wasn't that big a deal compared to the way things USED to be. I knew that I just had to be patient and allow time for Nature to do its healing.

However, this particular night, my legs started twitching in bed like NOTHING had ever happened - like NO healing had ever taken place. I lay there waiting for it to go away, but it continued.

I finally got up and went to my desk, as I'd done a THOUSAND times before, and did some work. After awhile I was able to go back to bed and fall asleep.

After ALL the research, the consumption of vitamins, herbs and minerals, the writing, the reading and the emotional roller coaster I'd been riding on for the last few weeks ... it appeared as though it was ALL for nothing.

This wasn't a crack in the healing process that my negative resistance could LAUNCH an attack through, this was an ENTIRE WALL coming down!

I was devastated! I was 100% sure that my luck had RUN out. I was CERTAIN that my LAST CHANCE at having permanently peaceful legs was gone.

It wasn't until the next day that I realized that the REASON for the twitching was simple. I was intense. I had been for the last few days .... and it was building.

An increase in intensity is an indication that there is MORE energy flowing through my body, which of course includes my legs and tail bone area.

I intellectually understood that this is what the problem was. But, that night, when the twitching was happening, an intellectual understanding didn't help relieve the NEGATIVITY that SMOTHERED me. It was well into the next day before I was able to CALM down and look at the situation more clearly.

an analogy of the formula of intensity of restless legs syndrome
When a person is intense, there is MORE energy flowing through their body.

For an RLS sufferer, this increased flow stimulates DEEPER and SUBTLER areas of inflammation that normally would not be noticed.

There are as many DIFFERENT reasons for being intense as there are people in the world. It could be a family visit, an upcoming job interview, people being laid off at work, anger at a friend or a close call at an intersection ... or one of a billion other reasons. Sometimes you don't even know why .... you're just intense.

So, whatever the reason ... as far as your healing goes, it's not a NEGATIVE thing, it's not a POSITIVE thing ... it just happens sometimes. Try to calm the intensity down.

Eventually, even on an INTENSE day, your irritation will be MUCH less. Those deeper and subtler areas are being healed too!

an analogy of the intensity of restless legs syndrome
Lets go back to the "Old Shingles on Your Roof" analogy from a previous web page to help you to understand what is going on INSIDE of your legs when you're having an INTENSE day.

Imagine one night that there was a 40 mile-an-hour wind blowing outside of your house.

Because of the POOR state of your roof, and the HIGH SPEED of the wind, you lose a dozen shingles off your roof. They fly off because they're too old and brittle to withstand that STRONG a wind.

The next day, instead of paying a Roofer to fix your whole roof, you decide to save a few dollars and REPLACE the dozen shingles yourself. So you get up on your roof and nail in twelve new shingles.

That night, an even STRONGER wind of 60 miles-an-hour comes blowing in. And MANY MORE shingles fly off of your roof.

Looking out at your backyard the next morning, you're a little puzzled and disappointed because you thought ALL of the faulty shingles had ALREADY blown off the night before?

What the STRONGER 60 mph wind has revealed to you is that there were MORE faulty shingles on your roof than you had ORIGINALLY thought. But you would have NEVER KNOWN about them if the wind HADN'T reached that HIGHER level.

a header for the calming of restless legs syndrome
Once you start taking the herbs, minerals and supplements, they will work quite QUICKLY to heal the most SUPERFICIAL inflammation in your legs. You should notice a MARKED improvement within a few weeks.

However, when a period of INTENSITY comes up in your life, for WHATEVER reason, and that flow of energy INCREASES, it's going to stimulate DEEPER and SUBTLER areas of inflammation that you normally WOULD NOT notice.

When this happens, keep in mind that it's not the SAME old irritation coming back. What you're sensing is SUBTLER inflammation that has ALWAYS been there, but you've just NEVER noticed. It will eventually be healed as well.

Remember this when you have an ISOLATED heavy twitching period after days or WEEKS of improvement.

Try not to FREAK out like I did. It's a waste of time and feeds right into the whole dopamine / endorphin cycle.

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