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We probably don't have a lot in common when it comes to what we do for a living ... but there is ONE thing that we do share. We both know how emotionally devastating it is to suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

I am all too familiar with that horrible feeling of lying in bed, desperately trying to fall asleep BEFORE your legs start twitching. I know the deep despair of lying there and feeling that FIRST little spark. That tiny rustle that signals the inevitable.

That small rustle is the signal that it's going to be ANOTHER restless night. The twitching is going to get worse until you finally have to get up and walk around (my wife called it travellin') or sit at your desk and work, until you're so exhausted that you feel there's a SLIGHT chance you may be able to fall asleep before the twitching returns again.

During the evening, I could barely SIT beside my wife Barb, let alone HOLD her hand as we would watch TV. Often, my legs would be buzzing so intensely, I would have NO choice but to watch TV standing up.

I used to FLY to a lot of MUSIC conferences. I remember how I would try to mentally prepare myself DAYS before the trip. There's nothing more intimidating to a RLS sufferer than knowing you'll have to sit STILL in a plane seat for FIVE HOURS. Sure enough, after a SHORT grace period, the twitching would begin. I can't tell you how many times I WALKED up and down the airplane aisle pretending that I had to go to the bathroom, just to walk off my wonky legs.

And sadly, many times, during the early hours of the morning, in the exhausting depths of ANOTHER sleepless night, I harbored the extreme fantasies of how peaceful life would be if I had no legs.

I can't remember exactly when it all started? I didn't even know it had a name until a few years ago. Up until that time, it was just my "wonky legs" acting up again.

I remember YEARS ago, I would get up in the middle of the night and soak my feet in a pan of SALT water. It makes no sense to do this, but I was desperate. I had NO CLUE what was CAUSING this irritation.

Through the years I tried all sorts of teas, diets, oils, vitamins and massage. I tried workouts, bicycling and jogging. Nothing helped, or at least NOT for very long.

Several years ago, Barb suggested that I go see a Chiropractor ... so I gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually helped a bit. However, after the INITIAL relief, the treatments started LOSING their effectiveness. After about a year, I gave up and stopped going.

A few years later a local Acupuncturist was recommended to me. I went and saw him for a treatment. I was amazed at the relief I gained through his combination of electro-acupuncture followed by a DEEP tissue massage. The massage was excruciating, but I stuck it out because I was DESPERATE to get rid of my twitchy legs. He had hands like a mechanic, and TEARS would shoot out of my eyes as he massaged my legs, but I kept going to see him. It was the MOST relief I'd ever had from my restless legs.

I saw him periodically for a couple of years, and eventually, as was the case with the Chiropractor, the treatments became non effective. I was DEVASTATED. I felt like I was COMPLETELY out of options.

Shortly after I stopped seeing the Acupuncturist, a seemingly disconnected series of events ALL came together and resulted in the development of a simple cure - a naturaly remedy that has freed me from the grip of my Restless Legs Syndrome. And because the CAUSE of the RLS has been addressed, I KNOW that it's not coming back.

Believe me, I know EXACTLY how you feel and can ASSURE you that I have developed a remedy that is not temporary, but PERMANENT.

On this website, you will learn about the HERBS, VITAMINS, MINERALS and DIET that is required for your healing to begin.

You will also learn WHY your Restless Legs Syndrome exists in the FIRST place - HOW this condition came into being.

And just as importantly, this website will provide you with the TOOLS to begin the EMOTIONAL healing that MUST occur once your physical problems begin to disappear.

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