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The healing process is going to take AWHILE, based on a lot of specific things about YOU, including the amount of time you've been suffering from RLS, your body size, age, diet (inflammatory food intake), genetics, other medications you're taking, stress level, environment and so on.

So far you have learned what the CAUSE of your RLS is, and you've been handed the TOOLS to fix the problem. It would be great if the healing could be all WRAPPED up in a week or two, but it can't. It's just NOT possible.

The following excerpts will hopefully help you to adjust to the pace at which Nature works:

Unlike drugs, nutrients do not have rapid effects. There's NO QUICK fix! The business of nutrition is to BUILD a better body. That has to wait on Nature to turn over body cells. A blood cell lasts 60 to 120 days. In 3 to 4 months your whole blood supply is completely replaced. In 6 months almost all the proteins in your bones die and are replaced ... even the DNA OF YOUR GENES. In a year all your bones and even the enamel of your teeth is replaced.

This time curve is well illustrated by the course of deficiency diseases. If I remove the Vitamin C from your diet, within 4 weeks your blood Vitamin C will drop to zero. But, you will see no symptoms of disease at 4 weeks. You have to WAIT until enough of the HEALTHY cells have been REPLACED by unhealthy cells. It is ANOTHER 12 weeks before the symptoms of scurvy start to ravage your body.

Think of it this way, If you take a neglected house plant and start feeding and watering it, the leaves may PERK UP a BIT from the improved nutrition. But you have to wait for the OLD leaves to die off and NEW leaves to grow before you get a really HEALTHY plant. It is the SAME with the human body. When you start feeding it better, you have to wait on your body to grow NEW improved cells.

To understand the difference between drugs and herbs, let's focus on how they work. Pharmaceutical drugs are highly purified, potently concentrated chemicals which act by blocking processes of the body. This often gets rid of the symptoms but may create undesired side effects. Anti-congestants will clear your nose, but cause drowsiness. Prolonged use of non-steroids temporarily ease your arthritis pain, but may adversely affect your liver.

When we drink a tea or take a tincture of an herb, we are taking in the whole plant, with thousands of compounds. Although plants contain unique ingredients which give them specific effects, it is the COMBINATION of all these compounds that accounts for a plant's effectiveness and safety. The concept that a plant is more than the sum total of all its parts is known as synergy. Synergy means compounds work TOGETHER to boost the power of plants and offset actions of unsafe constituents.

In their wholeness, plants work by effecting favorable changes in our physiology, allowing the body to return to a balanced state. In the holistic tradition, the body knows how to heal itself and will do so given proper assistance. Herbs are our allies in this process.101

In order to get results from herbal treatments it is often necessary to be on a course for several months, especially for serious and/or long-standing problems. Herbs work slowly restoring the body back to balance. There is no magic quick fix with natural medicine because it has to work at such deep levels within the body systems.

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The Whole Herb: Natural Drugs to Help the Body Heal Itself by Mary Jo Ruggieri www.columbuspolarity.com

One of the hardest things to do in today's WARP SPEED world, is to be patient.

The ONE constant throughout the history of human-kind ... is the SPEED at which Nature works. We have no choice but to EMBRACE the pace at which Nature works its wonders ... which is SLOW and STEADY.

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The previous example about the house plant really put the HEALING process of Nature into perspective for me. It was also VERY timely.

Recently my wife Barb gave me a plant for my basement office. It started dying on me RIGHT away. All the leaves QUICKLY became wrinkled and brittle.

It seemed rather HOPELESS that we could EVER bring it back to life, but we gave it a shot.

We put the plant upstairs in the kitchen where it could get a LOT more light. We fed it PLANT FOOD and monitored the moisture of its soil very carefully.

cure for restless legs syndrome

I checked every day to to see if any of the DEAD looking leaves were coming back to life ... but the wrinkled brittle leaves never showed ANY signs of recovery. They STAYED wrinkled and brittle ... and dead. It felt like we were simply going through the motions.

cure for restless legs syndrome But one day, after SEVERAL weeks, a tiny lime green SPROUT appeared from the stock of this seemingly dead plant.

We continued watering it and now, a few months later, there are about 30 fresh new leaves sprouting from this plant.

It was then that I realized that we weren't healing the damaged and dead leaves. What we did by bringing the plant upstairs into an area of more sun, was to provide it with an enviroment where NEW leaves would be able to form and grow.

So, the moral of the story is, Nature is at work, even when you think it isn't.

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