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"For most of my adult life I have struggled with Restless Leg Syndrome, a condition believed to be auto-immune in nature.

My flare-ups usually occur in the evenings when I am sitting watching TV or reading, on a car ride or at a play or movie. It started in my mid 20s with my pregnancies and worsened as the years went on. I tried quitting caffeine and taking extra iron, as both are associated with the condition. Nothing helped.

In the summer of 2012, I noticed a slight improvement on the almost nightly electrical feelings in my legs and arms after I started drinking the probiotic drink kefir daily. But my diet was still poor ā€” as a lacto-ovo vegetarian I lived on tons of sugar, wheat and fat ā€” so ultimately the RLS persisted.

For a while after that I wondered if maybe healing my microbiome would help this and other minor germs-289x300ailments (e.g. chronic heartburn) to improve. I was very thankful when I finally sat down and started learning how to heal the microbiome, and then made a commitment to try this summer.

I have now been following a microbiome diet for almost a month and can say that for the last week or so I have had almost no RLS symptoms. I even went on a two-hour car ride and had no RLS. I still feel a shadow of that irritating electricity wanting to flare up, but it never happens.

I will keep watching to see if this is a legit healing or if the RLS is just at bay for a little while. Iā€™m excited about the possibility that I might be able to go to evening plays and on road trips without the embarrassing disturbance of having major RLS symptoms."

- Heather Sullivan Zydek, July, 2014

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