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"I was diagnosed with RLS about sixteen years ago. My symptoms were primarily showing themselves in the evening, making it difficult to sit and watch TV, go to a concert, etc, let alone go to bed and sleep.

I had tried lots of drugstore sleep remedies with little relief before being diagnosed.

After the diagnosis, I started on Requip, which really gave me a lot of symptom relief. Problem was, I was almost unable to stay awake during the evening, long before wanting to go to bed for the night. Also, while the legs were quieted, I found myself still restless and irritable, so after awhile, I was switched to Mirapex. Things were somewhat better for awhile, until augmentation began.

Symptoms began earlier in the day, and required more drug to suppress them, so that I would zonk out when the symptoms let up. I read enough information to realize that this class of drugs would probably have to be abandoned soon, leaving others that would be very sedating, as well. Kind of a depressing outlook, since I don't really aspire to die in the next few years.

On day my daughter sent me a website that talked about natural remedies for RLS (this was after yet another conversation with me about how bummed I was about this miserable ailment and wondering what shape I'd be in in the coming years).

As a very experienced RN, and a natural skeptic besides, my first thought was "Oh, RiGHT!", and after reading a little on the site, I thought, "How can I do all that?" Yet, as a nurse, it did make some sense to me. I already knew about the evidence showing that inflammation plays a role in a lot of medical conditions, so was it really so far-fetched to see it as a factor in RLS? Then there was the question my husband posed..."Wouldn't you do almost anything to get rid of that?"

I started with cayenne (which I stopped because of frequent stomach upset) and Curcamin which is a combo drug available at some natural or organic stores as well as via Amazon. I am sorry to say that I don't know for certain what the third one was that I took, but I can tell you that magnesium, calcium, B-12 sublingual, B complex and Quercitin with Bromelain (also found at natural stores or Amazon) were added soon, and help me a lot.

I also drink carrot juice. Of course, everyone has their own scenario of symptoms. There is also a large list of supplements in which to choose, but I have stuck with these.

I also occasionally use L-theanine to help settle me when I am especially bothered. It's very mild, just calming.

After only a few weeks, I was able to decrease my Mirapex by half.

The dietary changes are harder, but when I follow them, my evenings are better.

Since they are mostly principles I should follow for glucose and weight control as well, I am working on better compliance, and truly believe I may be able to be prescription - free in time. And even if I don't get that far, I am in a much better situation and feel much less helpless because of the anti-inflammatory approach.

It is a great feeling to believe you can be proactive in dealing with this illness!! I have passed along some of this to others, and highly recommend trying this method to anyone living with this nasty condition...."Wouldn't you do almost anything to get rid of that?"

- Nadine Ausen, September, 2014

About me: I am 66yrs. old, lived all my life in Wisconsin. Have been married for 44 yrs, and worked for 43 yrs as an RN, most of it in hospital nursing, with many years in cardiology and cardiac surgery. We have an adult son and daughter, a grandson who is 5 yrs, old, and will be excited to welcome a granddaughter in October. We also love our pets, traveling, and music. We enjoy a wonderful Christian church. We are becoming more health-conscious as we get older, and really hope to be active "senior citizens"! having my RLS under control will be important for that.

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