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"I am so thankful that I came across your Restless Legs website a couple of years ago. After having suffered progressively more disruptive restless legs beginning when I was 18, finally at the age of 36, I found that I was able to control and virtually eliminate my symptoms simply by adding certain foods and spices and removing others. Now I have all the tools I need to manage my degree of inflammation and enjoy a balanced, symptom free life!"

- Matthew J. Anello, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, AADP www.awellworld.com

"Thank you so much for the effort you put into your website. It is a great service!"

- Darcy Taylor, Hillsboro, OR

"I have cut out all inflammation triggers as you suggested and I am so please to say that I have not had any RLS symptoms for the last month. Thank you so much for your help. Cutting out these foods has also helped chronic pain in my hips and feet."

- Irma Reitz, Plettenberg Bay, Zimbabwe

"David, please be reassured that there are some of us that know you are the guru as far as inflammation/RLS is concerned. You will be recognized as a pioneer in this field. You work ethic is remarkable, Please keep up the good work. Thank you."

- Paul

"David, originally you promised it would take two weeks to see a marked improvement, or in my case, (worse scenario) three weeks. I must tell you the difference is truly amazing! Starting this coming Monday will be my fifth week and I have to report that last Thursday was in my opinion the beginning of the end of RLS for me - the end of over 30 years of suffering! After weeks of torment and little or no sleep, I slept like a log for nine hours and this past Wednesday, Thursday night, and last night I slept equally for 7 and 8 hours respectively. Boy, oh boy oh boy, so a huge thank you David for that! For three days now I have been free of all pain and the joy of climbing into bed, knowing that moments later I would be asleep is not describable to those outside our suffering. Life has some meaning again. Sleep is my warm friend and thank you again for your emails and concerns."

- Clive Mainwaring, Lot et Garonne, France

"Dave, I just had to let you know that you've changed my life. My words can't express how I feel. I can't thank you enough! It's only been about 3 weeks and my legs are in amazing shape. I stopped taking Requip after about 8 days. I'm telling everyone I know about it. My wife has fibromyalgia and she's going to try out your remedy as well. The drugs she's using now are so powerful she can only go on them for a short while. I'll keep you posted! Thanks again!"

- Marty Krais, Brooklyn, NY

"I'm on my 60th day. Can't believe it has gone so quickly. I have now started the LTS Aftercare. My girlfriend just brought me the new herbs back from the US. I cut down slightly on some others, as I had run out anyway, and started getting little twinges at bedtime. I'm sleeping at night like a baby again. I know I'm not completely healed yet, so time and work will continue for awhile yet. I can't thank you enough David. God bless you for all the time and work you put into this, and of course for sharing it."

- Barbara Richardson, Halver, Germany

"You're the best! David, I'm the happiest I have ever been. I have faith again...and feel I am doing something for the first time that is actually good for me. No quick fix. A real lifestyle change. My husband sees the difference in me and is happy he seems to be getting his wife back. I had begun to be very negative, irritable and joyless all the time. I am so grateful for all I have learned from you (I know you probably are modest and won't take all the credit...but you should...because you shared something freely...that is beginning to change my life.) I'm excited for the future. Thanks for the encouragement too...it really helps!"

- Lisa Wilson, Simi Valley, CA

"I've had a record period of time without medication and I am sleeping much better. I went to bed early last night and didn't wake up until 7am this morning - which is pretty good for someone with 2 kids."

- Rob Glab, Melbourne, Australia

"Your website and message has been helping me for a long time now.

When I first came across your writings I was taking Sifrol, clonazepam, and ibuprofen/codeine pills and still not getting close to 100% coverage of my symptoms.

My RLS almost totally gone nowadays, although it still bothers me in a very mild form. I haven't taken any Sifrol/Mirapex for a year and haven't taken any clonazepam or codeine for even longer. Nowadays if I get any unpleasant tingles I rub some ibuprofen gel on my lower back where the nerve roots for the legs are, it goes away within a few minutes.

My regimen is very strict though (thanks mostly to your great efforts). I have to abstain from alcohol, caffeine, MSG or glutamate-rich foods, ginseng or other herbal stimulants, refined sugar, gluten, oil, stress, and certain medications as well. Aside from the ibuprofen gel I also use an oxytocin spray occasionally to counteract the stress of a 'relapse' (usually because I've eaten something by accident), and I also use a light therapy device called a Re-Timer to keep me from staying up late.

Even though I'm relatively symptom-free and no longer have the fear of medications becoming ineffective over time, I still do feel that RLS/PLMD is a dominating force in my life. The health benefits of such a strict routine are definitely appreciated but it's difficult when other people (especially doctors) downplay the issue or flippantly dismiss it as a minor problem.

Your description of the problem as being a kind of "burn" has had profound influence on me, and inspired a journey towards being largely symptom-free.

I've been reading more and more about the inflammatory influence of electromagnetic energy from electrical wiring and related technology, and the links between electrical power exposure and the arrival of Alzheimer's, autism/ADHD, and more.

The latest BioInitiative report has a section on ELF (extremely low frequency), the type of frequency used to transmit power from place to place.

My exhaustive personal testing showed that despite getting significant relief from removing inflammatory triggers, it was only after also turning off the house at night that I was able to cease all medications.

I've since come to believe that I must have some kind of extra sensitivity to this radiation as a result of working in the computer industry, but it is a very certain result. We discovered later that behind the wall in our old house was a hot water unit that usually ran as I was trying to get to sleep, which is where my RLS symptoms really got so bad that I saw a doctor about it.

As you know, it is hard enough to get people to acknowledge that their diet may impact their health, let alone the *sacred cow* of electricity.

I often wish there was more I could do to reach out and help people with the same sort of problem, but I find that posting on RLS message boards is a bit of a waste of time because they're very pro-drug and quick fix oriented.

Thanks again for your inspiring work and if there's anything I can ever do please ask."

- David Griffiths

"I have given up milk and wheat products, and significantly limited my sugar consumption. I have found that has helped enormously. Sugar, I think is a particular problem.

I also try to limit my eating at night to mostly vegetables and salads. That too I think has helped.

I am sleeping reasonable well now throughout the night, most nights. The times I experience RLS is when I get back into bed after visiting the bathroom in the early morning hours. It's then that the RLS tends to start, but I manage to get back to sleep.

Since I have taken these various approaches my RLS has decreased by about 90%. And as I mentioned, when the only time I experience it is when I get back into bed in the middle of the night after a bathroom visit. I get twinges of restless legs, but generally doesn't take hold, and I go back to sleep. This is often in conjunction with using a hand massager, on my legs, which helps to relieve the symptoms, and I quickly fall sleep."

- Christine Woodland, Australia

"I appreciate all you do. You've helped me. When I stumbled across your website just a couple of months ago, it was a huge turning point for me. I had done some things on my own and had experienced some improvement, but I was still having very significant symptoms. Now I'm sleeping well enough that I'm no longer considering going back for another sleep study. The big thing for me was the inflammation-free diet. I think that if someone's funds were very limited, they could do a LOT with diet alone. That book by Monica Reinagel is a one-time investment of only about $10, and you have to buy food, regardless. Through doing things her way for only a week or two, my baseline level of symptoms went down enough that I could start to identify specific triggers. That's a huge step, and it was the critical step for me. Now that I've eliminated about three major triggers from my diet, I'm sleeping better than I have in decades." Thanks, Dave.

- Rachel Howell

David, "Thank you very very much for sharing your knowledge with all of us RLS sufferers around the world. The carrot juice cure really works! I still take 0,18 mg of Sifrol per evening, but I am now symptom free. Before the carrots juice I had to go every evening through a one or two hour leg itching suffering, even with the Sifrol. You substantially improved my live! Thank you!"

- Guy Koekelbergh, Belgium

"I feel better, getting more energy, and for the first time since 3-1/2 years I have been able to go to the cinema with my daughters, with no twiching at all in my legs, no bad feeling. This was the first true miracle for me!"

- Chantal Gendron, Graphiste, Beloeil, QC, Canada

"I already feel a bit better! I believe I eat quite healthy food, and have done so a long time, but I will scrutinize the lists. Kind regards!"

- Bodil Karlstrom, Hofors Sweden

"It has been 3 weeks. I have been chugging carrot juice like crazy and have been on wort, skullcap, licorice root, ginger root and cayenne. (stomach can not handle tumeric). I think things are better, I really haven't pushed the nightime couch time beyond 50 minutes, yet. But so far so good, have had no rls. A couple times I had what I thought was the start of rls, just a slight hint that is was going to fire up but then it didn't."

- Brian Husek, Elkhart, IN

"When I quit eating meat and white anything - bread, potatoes, rice, sugar, you name it... and I stopped over the counter antihistamines, which I was taking far too often for food related allergies, all of it stopped! No RLS in my arms, and no more food allergies! It did not take long to see full results - just a matter of days, and coincidentally I started concentrating on greens, fruits and whole grains since then. I feel a whole lot better."

- Jana Asmussen, British Columbia

"I recently gave up coffee and all sugar (one month ago) and it has helped my RLS a lot. I have reduced my Levodopa by 50%. One week ago I started having serious green juices twice a day (8 ounces of spinach, carrot, ginger, celery, dandelion greens, etc) and I think that is helping also. The work you have done, the research and the website - not to mention the insight that RLS is caused by inflammation - my hat is off to you. Really incredible!"

- James Carouba, Costa Rica

"Great info. You did a ton of research. As a former RLS sufferer, I appreciate all the great info. I knew a tad about inflammation factor, but learned more. And I know you are right on about it having nothing to do with RLS only. Any degenerative disease will be positively affected by eating a inflammation-based diet. My RLS is mostly gone (95%) just by my changing my diet to healthier stuff, although I didnt have specifics as I did it. I just mostly got off junk food, and lessened my dairy and meat intake."

- Mike OBrien Orange County, CA

"It doesn't bother me like it did when it was really bad when I went to bed with the twitching and taking hours to go to sleep. I have one or two nights a month when I feel the energy in my legs and have a hard time sleeping but no twitching."

- Karen Bower, Columbus, OH

"I'm so glad I found your website. My journey to repair my body starts today. I feel relief to have an action plan!"

- Eliza Jane, Australia

"RLS does not bother me much anymore. As an experiment I went to a diet of unprocessed, organic food (mainly beans, rice and vegetables) and the RLS and nocturnal legs cramps slowly went away over time. I am now adding back foods one at a time to see if I get any type negative response either RLS or otherwise. I am pretty confident I can bring the RLS back at anytime by eating ice cream. Figuring out cause and effect with food is really complex but I keep trying."

- Ross Grotbeck, arine On St Croix, MN

"May I just say how nice it is to see someone doing something to benefit others without looking for formal repayment via credit card in return. I believe in 'what goes round comes round' and I am sure that seemingly being the Good Samaritan you are will provide payback to you in many other ways. My RLS is not gone, but it did improve significantly and I found sleeping on my front has really helped me reach deeper sleep. I have had 2 sleep studies. One before I started all the herbal treatments - 68% sleep efficiency and 89% 6 months after starting."

- Paul

"David, you have researched RLS more than anyone I know!"

- Sally Salkowski, Michigan

"My RLS is much better now. What has worked for me is Magnesium Glycinate and doing the Cutler protocol for mercury and metals using Alpha lipoic acid and DMSA."

- Cathal McCarthy

"No one has heard of the syndrome here so you're like a life saver to me."

- Mahmoud Al Hafez, Beirut, Lebanon

Your website is great! Thank you for providing all this information free of charge. Actually, I've seen so many claims of Internet cures for this condition that I have to admit to being a little cynical at first when I saw the "absolute cure" claim. But I agree with everything you say! I was sure it was caused by inflammation as most if not all chronic conditions are caused by that. But I was also intrigued by your theory that it's fundamentally caused by energy flowing down your legs and touching inflamed cells. Makes total sense to me. I was also totally in agreement with your anti-drug approach. I've never gone down that road and I never will.

My RLS is better, much better in fact (with the occasional problem night still). Things that have helped me are: sleeping with my legs contacting an Earthing mat (do you know about earthing? It works for me); pulling my bed away from the wall about 30 cm. Both these relate to electromagnetic fields (there are electric wires embedded in the walls, which is why it's good to pull your bed away from them), which disturb the sleep of sensitive people (which we RLSers tend to be). Apparently a lot of people with RLS are helped by these methods. Earthing, or connecting yourself to the earth's energy, is highly anti-inflammatory. Other things that have helped are the homeopathic which you suggested, Kali Phos; Magnesium; sleeping cool as much as possible.

I used to take a warm bath before bed but these days that makes my legs too hot and that spells goodbye to a good night's sleep. Cheers."

- Ngareta Ring, Australia

"My RLS is better. A focus on foods I consume seems to have made a big difference. Particularly eating non-inflammatory foods and eliminating the triggers - sugar, alcohol, caffeine and gluten. The less of these consumed the better I do. Thank you for directing me to the path for improvement."

- Sylvia Dickey Smith, TX

"I have found that too much salt and excessive wheat consumption cause my RLS to flare up. If i control intake my RLS gets better. Need to keep taking anti inflammatory herbs. I think this is a problem that needs to be managed throughout life. I suspect that some people can't process some foods as good as others. I know people who can eat tonnes of the foods which seem to hurt others. Thanks again for your brilliant website!"

- Maroof Shaffi, UK

"My RLS is better. I found some non-spicy anti-inflammatory supplements - the ones you suggested, and also fucoidan. In addition, I do Tai Chi, Qi Gong, get acupuncture, watch diet, and do other alternative healing stuff. I think it all sort of contributes.

It was a big thing to be able to say it wasn't every night, and now I think I have more nights without RLS than nights with it. I have run through the supplements, and now I'm not taking them - I think they helped get me out of a chronic state.

Thanks so much for your site. I recently met someone who struggles with RLS at a Tai Chi class - I'm going to send her to your site! :)"

- Cliff Lyon

"Your site is amazingly detailed and covers a lot of research I had already started to do. Thanks again for sharing all of your information for no cost. You are likely helping many people."

- Rusty Newton

"A few months ago, frustrated and afraid for my future, I opened up my Google search browser and typed in "at my wits end cure my RLS"...voila...your website came up. I read, and read, and read and more information was coming up. I knew this was something I had to study more. I had thought that my lifestyle and nutrition could be playing a role. I had never even heard of inflammation, yet all of this makes perfect sense. I quit smoking (even though I smoked very little, it helped to quit). I stopped drinking alcohol (never drank that much anyway) and I started managing more of what I ate. I have been maintaining a normal weight now. I'm not going to lie, living the anti-inflammatory diet is tough. I love sugar and coffee (which is poison for my RLS). But, I am truly more conscious, and even walking through the salad bar line today, I already knew which veggies had negative ratings and which had positive. I even have the IF Tracker on my iPhone. I want to continue to study your website to learn more and to make it personal and a plan to live with. I know it's trial and error. I just want my life back. I have little joy. I have a supportive and loving husband and family, but everyone I love is living this hell with me...it's not fair to them either. I have begun working with a doctor from Canada who believes in natural remedies. She believes there is some correlation with hormonal imbalances in women my age (estrogen/progesterone), but we haven't gotten far on that theory.

I have signed up for your emails and am so excited to be getting regular updates from you. I have printed out the histamine intolerance info you emailed and plan on reading it tonight. I apologize for this lengthy email...it felt good to be able to sort of vent and at the same time show my gratitude for the work you are doing to help people each day. You are truly an amazing person. If there is anything I can do to help with your research, feel free to contact me. I know you are a busy man, so no need to respond unless you want to...just know there is someone out there that truly appreciates the hard work and research you are doing.

God bless and thank you again."

- Lisa Wilson

"Hi David... I have fought with RLS for the last 26 years & have tried everything to get some relief. Nothing has worked for more than a couple of days. Started your regiment a week ago and am getting some relief! So grateful!!

Thank you for sharing."

- Lynne Parrish

"If you are ever in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, I would like to share a cup of tea with you (peppermint?).

I dont have RLS, but came across your site while researching it for a family member. I like you!

I appreciate you and what you provide through your site. I appreciate your generosity, your integrity, your sincerity, your common sense, your intelligence, your self-expression and your compassion. Oh, if all people entering medical school could maintain and/or develop these skills we would live in a different, HEALTHIER world!

Thank You!"

- Elizabeth North, Dallas, TX

Hi David,

Thanks a million times for your work!!

I got cured within a month :)

Besides better foods I did intermittent fasting and grounding to get well. I think those can be as important as the change of diet. Please let me know what you think :)

Intermittent Fasting Recuces Inflammation:

Grounding Reduces Inflammation:

Many thanks,

- Johan T., Sweden

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