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The answer is simple. No one would purchase it when I was trying to sell it.

I heard from a lot of "experts" and many people that wanted to tell me how horrible their RLS was and how many drugs they were taking ... but not a lot of people willing to make the necessary changes needed to break free from their condition.

So, I'm offering it all for free ... confident that this remedy will help anyone with restless legs (or any other body part) who is willing to make a commitment to change.

Nothing is being held back on this website. I'm sharing everything I've learned in my lengthy journey that lead to the healing of my restless legs.

At the very least, please try the Pretest. These are a very small group of supplements that should create an improvement in your condition.

These natural anti-inflammatories will help to lessen the inflammation that is causing your discomfort. You'll have first-hand proof that the remedy I'm presenting to you is a valid one.

I've been given an AMAZING gift, and I'm just trying to get it out there.

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