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This website contains every detail about a NATURAL REMEDY that put an end to my 23 years of suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome (the last 8 years being VERY intense).

Everything you need to know about healing your restless legs can be found at this website. There is no cost and there are no teasers to try and get you to purchase some sort of product.

I'm not selling anything. Everything you need to know is available for free. The required supplements will have to be purchased by you at your local Health Food store.

Restless Legs Success Stories

The Success Stories that people have sent to me are POWERFUL tools to help you in your journey. I HIGHLY recommend that you read them. There is no greater healer than HOPE!

Restless Legs Syndrome: The Basics

This section features background information and common beliefs (and some not so common beliefs) about RLS, including support for my belief that RLS is a warning signal indicating the presence of chronic inflammation within the body.

I also present facts to dispel some of the common myths about RLS such as it being a hereditary condition as well as there being a PRIMARY and SECONDARY level of RLS.

Healing Your Restless Legs

Many people have been helped by the methods presented on this website. There is NO case of RLS that is beyond repair.

You are exchanging your inflammatory diet and lifestyle (removing whatever it is in your life that is causing the inflammation in your body) for an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle.

The following articles will help you to make the transition.
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Inflammation: An Overview

There is now an AVALANCHE of scientific evidence pointing to INFLAMMATION as the primary cause of RLS. This body of evidence is only going to grow as more studies take place.

There is an epidemic of chronic inflammation in our society. Any doctor will tell you this.

The articles below will help you to understand what inflammation is, why CHRONIC INFLAMMATION is so harmful to our system, and what we can do about it.

What Doctors are Saying ...

quote from Dr. William S. Eidelman, MD about restless legs syndrome "Congratulations David on healing yourself, and on the work you've done to try to wake people up. People are deeply asleep, and don't really want to be bothered, even for something good for them. But we have to keep trying."

- Dr. William S. Eidelman, MD, Los Angeles, CA
"With the help of functional medicine and my own rendition of the Paleo diet, I was able to not only heal my severe Restless Legs Syndrome without drugs, but was able to heal my Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis that had me confined to a wheelchair. I now bicycle 5 miles to work every day."

- Dr. Terry Wahls, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, U. of Iowa. Physician, Iowa City Veterans Affairs Hospital. Author of "The Wahl's Protocol"
quote from Dr. Terry Wahls, MD about overcoming MS and restless legs syndrome without using drugs
quote from doctor Nageswara Reddy, MD about the connection between RLS and inflammation "I have been treating patients of mine with Restless Legs Syndrome for 30 years. I developed a routine of stretches, along with a few dietary tweaks, that significantly improved or eliminated RLS symptoms in 90% of my patients within a few months, and often within days - and without needing to prescribe any medications."

- Dr. Stanley Lang, MD, Family Practitioner, DuBois, PA
"I have thoroughly analyzed every known scientific study that has been done on Restless Legs Syndrome.

Taking all of this data into consideration, there is no doubt in my mind that inflammation plays a major role in the occurrence of RLS. I see this time and time again with many patient types."

- Dr. Leonard Weinstock, MD, Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, St. Louis, MO
quote from doctor leonard weinstock about the connection between RLS and inflammation
quote from Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD about the connection between RLS and magnesium "What to do about Restless Legs Syndrome? Hint: it's not ask your doctor for a prescription for a RLS drug. Start by reading the information on this website!"

- Dr. Hyla Cass, MD, author of "Supplement Your Prescription" and "8 Weeks to Vibrant Health."
"Restless Legs Syndrome is not a disease; it's merely a symptom."

- Dr. Scott D. Saunders, MD, The Integrative Medical Center of Santa Barbara
quote from Dr. Scott D. Saunders MD about restless legs syndrome being a symptom
quote from doctor Sanford H. Auerbach, MD about the connection between RLS and inflammation "Restless Legs Syndrome is a meaningful biomarker for serious disease, and RLS screening may become more common as a tool for primary care providers to identify patients at risk."

- Dr. Sanford H. Auerbach, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology, Director, Sleep Medicine Fellowship, Boston University School of Medicine
"Our study suggests that RLS may be mediated through inflammatory or immunological mechanisms. Since inflammation is also associated with iron deficiency, these results are also in agreement with the iron deficiency hypothesis for RLS."

- Dr. Arthur Walters, MD, Professor of Neurology, Vanderbilt Department of Neurology
quote from Dr. Arthur Walters MD about the connection between RLS and inflammation
quote from Dr. Rashel J. Tahzib, MD about the connection between RLS and inflammation "RLS is just a symptom. We treat it very easily by addressing the core imbalances in the body through non drug therapies. The restless legs are resolved rapidly once that is done."

- Dr. Rashel J. Tahzib, MD, Advance Health Integrative Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
"The interesting conclusion of our study is that there is a CORRELATION between Restless Legs Syndrome and an INCREASE of inflammatory cytokines."

- Dr. Giulio Romano, MD, Professor of Nephrology, University of Udine, Italy
quote from doctor Giulio Romano MD about the connection between RLS and inflammation
quote from Dr. Peter Osborne about the connection between RLS and gluten "I have treated thousands of patients with gluten issues. Many of them have also had RLS symptoms that resolved on a gluten free diet."

- Dr. Peter Osborne, Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Director of Town Center Wellness in Sugar Land, TX
"Many of my patients have proven that certain herbs provide amazing treatment for RLS. You don't need to wait another day to start getting fast and permanent relief from RLS misery."

- Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD, Medical Director of the Tahoma Clinic, Tukwila, WA
quote from doctor Giulio Romano MD about the connection between RLS and inflammation
quote from doctor Nageswara Reddy, MD about the connection between RLS and inflammation "It makes sense to me that RLS is associated with inflammatory markers."

- Dr. Nageswara Reddy, MD, Assistant Professor of Nephrology, Manipal University, India
"My experience is that for those prone to nocturnal fidgeting, nutritional therapies can be the dream ticket."

- Dr. John Briffa, MD, Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth, London, UK
quote from Dr. Scott D. Saunders MD about restless legs syndrome being a symptom
quote from doctor Nageswara Reddy, MD about the connection between RLS and inflammation "Our study showed that the presence of RLS and new cardiovascular events was associated with INCREASED inflammation."

- Dr. Gaetano La Manna, MD, Professor (Associate), University of Bologna, Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine
"Doctors prescribing dopamine-like agents helps with the respective symptoms. The problem is that it NEVER cures the problem, and creates a number of serious side effects. Ultimately, you're NOT addressing what's causing the deficiency."

- Dr. Steven Y. Park, MD, Surgeon, New York, NY and author of "Sleep Interrupted"
quote from Dr. Steven Y. Park, MD about restless legs syndrome
quote from Dr. Peter Glidden about restless legs syndrome "Physical signs and symptoms are ways your body tries to ALERT you to deeper imbalances. Taking the time to decipher the body's codes is ALWAYS better than simply popping a pill and hoping the symptoms just go away. Ideally, we want to get to the CAUSES of problems, not just suppress the end result of ill health."

- Dr. Elson M. Haas, MD, Family Physician, San Rafael, CA
"A lot of people who have restless legs think its normal to have cramping, muscle spasms, and the need to move and walk at night. They don't realize that there are things they can do to make it better."

- Dr. Deborah Cappell, MD, director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at New York Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital
quote from Dr. Deborah Cappell, MD, about restless legs syndrome
quote from Ray Sahelian, M.D. about restless legs syndrome "When we work with our body naturally, we can utilize safe and effective techniques such as nutritional supplementation to help correct some of the imbalances. Conditions like Restless Legs Syndrome can significantly interrupt daily life, but we can work to figure out what our body needs, and provide that in a course of treatment."

- Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP, founder of Founder of "Women to Women", Yarmouth, ME
"Restless leg syndrome is an INFLAMMATORY condition. Doctors don't know the exact cause, but agree that something triggers inflammation that affects the nerve pathways involved. Since chronic inflammation usually begins in the gut, take a look at what foods you eat that could be contributing to an unhealthy gut flora and an unhealthy digestive lining."

- Dr. Michael Cutler, MD, Family Physician, Salinas, CA
quote from Dr. Deborah Cappell, MD, about restless legs syndrome

... click here for more quotes from Medical Professionals

The Studies

In my attempt to convince people that I really have actually cured my Restless Legs Syndrome, I have had to travel many miles, to places that I never thought I would find myself.

I've had to read reports and studies on animals being tortured in every conceivable way.

From this sad state of affairs I have compiled enough evidence to convince even the most sceptical Scientist or RLS Sufferer that inflammation is the primary cause of Restless Legs Syndrome.

Dealing with Insomnia

The worst side-effect of Restless Legs Syndrome is the soul-crushing insomnia that accompanies it. Most would assume that it's the RLS that is causing the insomnia. However, the fact is that RLS and insomnia are two different entities.

Your RLS is causing a lack of sleep, but that's not insomnia. Insomnia is the "racing mind" that won't allow you to nod off.

As you'll find in the articles and studies listed below, there are natural ways that you can help your mind to slow down at night.
insomnia and restless legs syndrome

Dealing with the Powerful Psychological Component of RLS

There is a reason that 99% of all Restless Legs sufferers opt for the PATH of "Pharmaceutical Masking" rather than the PATH of "Actual Healing."

The articles below go into why this is so.

Tools to Help Heal Your RLS

As I struggled along during the early stages of healing, I developed several tools that helped to soften down the negative thoughts and profound sense of hopelessness.

Two of my favorites were a Daily Progress Chart and a Cure Diary. Both of these tools showed clearly that improvements were taking place.
tools to help heal restless legs syndrome
  • Your RLS Daily Progress Chart

  • The Cure Diary

  • In Closing

  • Final Thoughts

  • Footnotes


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